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I’m watching myself and my friends in this cold, frozen Innermountain West remember that the organism of this country is interconnected. That we can’t isolate ourselves on frozen alpine lakes and mountain cirques because this is big enough to come for what we love too.

1/9/17: Accidental Yurting

Yurt trips are like the river trips of the winter months. Friends, a warm fire, good food, gravity and water – just frozen water, that’s all.

1/2/17: The New Year Observed

Into 2017. How do you arrange your goals and resolutions? Do you have a four goal, drop down tier flow chart system like I do or something, uh, a little more relaxed?

12/27/16: Merry

A visit back to the Palouse in Idaho for the holidays.

11/21/16: West to Home

Heading home Tuesday night for the holidays to celebrate what we still have and what we’ve built since.


I outfished him on some decent sized rainbows, which turns out was just him building major trout karma for this weekend.


It felt good to remember life outside and above our river canyons and it sure did feel like winter up at 9,000 feet.


8/14 – I’m grateful I know how to read, words and water.


She headed back to town and I took one night to myself on the banks of the Selway River. Solo is the ultimate decadence in July.


Late spring always makes me feel a little bit insane, all that solstice sunshine and vitamin D after the gray of a western winter. Couple that with the transition between different lives and all I could really hope to do was hold on for the ride.