I Stand With Planned Parenthood

The Pence Amendment passed through the US House of Representatives last Friday. This bill would eliminate Title X funding to any organization that provides abortion services, cutting all federal funding to clinics such… Continue reading

Snowstorm Hellos

This morning when I woke up, I didn’t want to get out of bed. Wrapped in my down comforter, flannel sheets and homemade quilt, I was warm and relaxed. I contemplated blowing off… Continue reading

The Real World (Missoula)

The semester begins. It’s no backpacking trip through the Bob Marshall, but being a regular ol’ college student has it’s perks. Life winds itself around work, school, skiing, climbing, hiking, hot spring-ing, volunteering,… Continue reading

The Tallest Man on Earth

Kristian Matsson’s music makes me think of: quiet mornings on the river before the sunlight hits the water driving south on Highway 95 at sunset, when the wheat fields melt into the rainbow… Continue reading

The New Year

[As Mom mentioned in her recent caring bridge post, the holidays were rough this year. Like her, I have been doing some meditation on tradition. These are my thoughts on what she wrote.]… Continue reading

The Big Snowies

During the first week of our field course, a plethora of things went wrong (fancy talk for: the shit hit the fan). It poured rain for the first two days. A fully loaded… Continue reading

Sustainability Fee: A Rant

Today, in the spirit of the new year and higher education, I paid/finalized my tuition bill for the spring semester. My account balance looked something like this: S910 Online Learning Fee $144.00 $144.00… Continue reading

Sunday Morning Early

Missing Dad today, but this poem made me smile. ________ Sunday Morning Early By David Romtvedt My daughter and I paddle identical red kayaks across the lake. Pulling hard, we slip easily through… Continue reading

(Thrift Store) Hunting in MT

[Question: What do a jewel green prom dress, bright red romper, gold pleather pencil skirt and one piece snowsuit all have in common? Answer: A small thrift store smack dab in the middle… Continue reading

Missouri River Breaks

“This is my advice to foreigners/ call it simply- the river/ never say old muddy/ or even Missouri/ and except when it is necessary/ ignore the fact that it moves.” – Michael Anania… Continue reading