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The Trip to Colstrip, Revised

I recently got some pretty scathing replies to a piece I wrote last year called The Trip to Colstrip. Interestingly enough, the points that “Cheryl” and “Cobra77” made were very similar to the… Continue reading

The College Kid Guide to Gardening

A quote from a friend in my nature writing class:  “The best part of workshop classes is they force you to write even when you don’t have time to write” So true. ____… Continue reading

The Trip to Colstrip

[All photography by Anna Glavash] A paunchy man with a gray mustache and ‘Western Energy Co.’ hardhat slides into the passenger seat of a white van. “Welcome to the Rosebud Mine!” he exclaims.… Continue reading

Can I Start You Off With An Appetizer?

“And what are you studying in school, Miss Emerald?” asks the jovial businessman, settling into his second dark Montana beer. The lights of the restaurant are dim, yet I can already see the… Continue reading