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Ode to a Boathouse

But inevitably we come off the river, out of the forest, up from the desert canyons – and what then? Where do we take showers and stock a refrigerator with Tillamook ice cream?

(An Outdoorswoman) Guide to Personal Style

What does an outdoorswoman do when Jennifer Aniston and Lauren Conrad AREN’T her style icons?

Dear God, Do I Need to Buy a Selfie Stick?! (#FeedFree5)

In the new year, I’ve been thinking on self-employment, particularly when it comes to interacting with social media. This all started last fall, when I sat down to a piece of apple pie and… Continue reading

Heavy Hearts

I’m getting snot all over my boyfriend’s jacket and because it’s gortex, it’s making a sheen of wet slime. He has his hand on the nape of my neck, holding me against him.… Continue reading

A Winter Weekend Recap

[Becuase some weekends we’re the BBB and some weekends we’re the NHH 🙂 ] – Emerald BasicBozemanB: Have a good weekend? NotHardcoreHomie: Oh yeah, it was relaxing and fun. How was yours? BBB:… Continue reading

A Week in Bozeman – Autumn

Arrival I’m shivering in the airport. Two weeks of warm, humid Southeastern air has made my skin thin and my sweater not thick enough. C picks me up, wearing her down jacket. “Oh… Continue reading

Talents, Weaknesses and 1,000 Olive Polka Dots

If the color red had a scent, it would be one thousand apples growing older in a cold barn. We wake to this red smell as I reach out of my warm comforter… Continue reading

On Tokyo

The man behind the counter glances at me through a haze of vapor rising off hot dishes. His gaze says, “well go ahead then” while his mouth remains motionless. I look down at… Continue reading

The Ten Steps to a Dirtbag Dinner Date

So that one girl finally asked you out. Don’t give me that look, you know who I’m talking about. She’s the one that cuts you in line at the surf wave, sends the… Continue reading

The Lookout

The lookout is on the almost highest point of a craggy peak, as lookouts tend to be. Below its windows are a skirt of snow swept mountains hemmed by a gray band that… Continue reading