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Spring by Southwest

Sometimes it feels like everyone, in juxtaposition to the bluebirds, migrates south this time of year. In a more seasonal time I did that too and now it’s hard to fight the urge… Continue reading

East of Here

He likes spending more time with our friends than he lets on. I need quiet moments alone outside more than I let on. The weather forecast calls for 50˚ and sunshine, so pretending… Continue reading

I’m Sorry, Toes

The next time you cram your feet into your favorite ski boots, climbing shoes, or river sandals, make sure you’re in a quiet place. Turn off your music, ask your friends to be… Continue reading

10 Bolts on a 5.10

“I climb just as hard as anyone, just on easier routes” – Anonymous My middle finger and index finger push into a sharp limestone pocket. My cramped feet are planted firmly on the… Continue reading

The Climber Grunt

“SUT!” I have never been much for meditation. To be sure, I have made many attempts at sitting cross-legged, breathing deeply, pushing energy into my internal organs (though I couldn’t find them on… Continue reading

The Creek

  “Meet us at the creek, Wednesday,” my friend Nick states in a somber tone. I could almost take him seriously if a campfire-cut mullet wasn’t messily framing his face. “Uh, which creek?… Continue reading