About Emerald Lens Essays

My freshman year of college (2009), The Emerald Lens started as a blog for my well-researched, eloquently written, defense-of-recycling style rallies to environmental action. Then I realized the following:

a) well-researched, eloquently written, defense-of-recycling style rallies to environmental action are time consuming, aren’t very fun to write, and should be rewarded with school credit or salary

b) well-researched, eloquently written, defense-of-recycling style rallies to environmental action are kind of boring to read

So, the blog has grown with me. The essays here are about a Western, outdoor life through my lens. They’re the shots that haven’t been put through fancy photo editing software, are sometimes a little blurry, and are mostly just good for memories. If you have any suggestions or would like to help me expand/clarify/edit an essay, drop me a message at emerald.lafortune@gmail.com.

 About Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place

You know those photos of beautiful, flexible yogis doing complicate poses on the summit’s of giant mountains or in beautiful desert canyons? Yeah, we’ve seen ’em too. Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place started on a spring break during college to the Moab area. A group of great friends decided we weren’t talented enough to make our yoga look good, but we could still pose, damnit! And the point of those photos is the pretty place, right? #awkwardyogapp was born right there on a sandstone fin.

 About Quick n’ Dirty Reviews

You don’t always have time to read 2,000 word technical explorations of that day hiking backpack. You just want to know, “does this sh$% work?” Like getting gear beta from a busy friend who is running a few minutes late, Quick n’ Dirty Reviews give you the (mostly sarcastic) information to make the best purchase for you. I mostly review the random gear (yes, bacon counts as gear) that shows up in my outdoor adventures. If you have a product you’d like to see reviewed, give a shout!

 About Emerald LaFortune

I’m a 20 something year old, Idaho woman with an environmental studies/non-profit administration degree from the University of Montana. I work for OARS – Dories Idaho and the Wild Rockies Field Institute. Strikingly adequate and overly enthusiastic about a variety of sports including whitewater boating, climbing, skiing, mountain biking, backpacking and bowling, I’ve never met a sport I wont flail at for awhile. I’ve loved to write ever since I realized my best friend was a WAY better artist than me and my childhood dream to draw pictures and own lots of party shoes wasn’t going to pan out. Check out my writing portfolio here.


Thanks for reading! – EL