About The Emerald Lens

My freshman year of college (2009), The Emerald Lens started as a blog for my well-researched, eloquently written, defense-of-recycling style rallies to environmental action. Then I realized the following something important. Navel-gazey, defense-of-recycling style rallies to environmental action are time consuming, aren’t very fun to write, are a snooze to read and should be rewarded with school credit or paycheck.

Then this space became a place to practice “essays about a Western, outdoor life through my lens”, a portfolio space as I grew into working in freelance writing. But those essays, awkward yoga photo shoots and quick n’ dirty reviews have moved onto other platforms (again with the paycheck theme) and you can check em out here through my portfolio.

The Emerald Lens has always grown with me. Now as I (#adulting so hard) blend a career with freelance writing, non-profiteering (yarg!), guiding and adventuring around the West this is a journal space where I can show you “behind the scenes” of my work. It’ll stay unbranded and unadvertised, just like a good western human or puppy dog should be.

About Emerald LaFortune

Idaho born and raised, Montana educated and now balancing both as I glide gracefully (HA ha ha) away from the seasonal hustle. I’m a river guide for Outdoor Adventure River Specialists, executive director of the Redside Foundation, brand ambassador for Northwest River Supply and sour gummy worm fueled freelance writer. Strikingly adequate and overly enthusiastic about a variety of sports including whitewater boating, fly fishing, climbing, skiing, mountain biking, backpacking and bowling, I’ve never met a sport I wont flail at for awhile. I’ve loved to write ever since I realized my best friend was a WAY better artist than me and my childhood dream to draw pictures and own lots of party shoes wasn’t going to pan out.

Making new friends is fun! Especially if you have or ARE a three month old puppy. Give me a shout – emerald.lafortune[at]gmail.com.


Thanks for reading! – EL