[The Emerald Lens is shifting into a more journal-like format. Swing over to the About page to see what’s up. This week I’ll be backlogging some photos and words from the summer and early autumn].

June feels like forever ago! Late spring always makes me feel a little bit insane, all that solstice sunshine and vitamin D  after the gray of a western winter. Couple that with the transition  between different lives and all I could really hope to do was hold on for the ride.

Rivers Logged

Hells Canyon of the Snake (a training trip I led where I got to RIDE as a PASSENGER a dory, bliss).

Main Salmon x 2 (this is my favorite time of year to be in this part of the canyon).

Other Wanderings

Requesting a weekend off for a friend’s wedding left me with a full eight days of freedom. I headed out on my favorite Idaho road trip loop, catching time with friends up on the Palouse, intercepting my Mom’s bike tour at the Mission Inn Cafe in Cataldo, spending a night on my favorite Clark Fork tributary in Montana, hitting full cherry-pocolypse in Salmon, getting in some much needed alpine quiet up near Stanley and then 50+ miles of dirt road up and over back to the McCall area. It was maybe too much driving but left me ready for a canyon summer with my road trip itch scratched.

Journal Entries Read…

6/7/16 – Sunset threading in and out of the stripes on the water and up in the hazy sky. Every few minutes a cold breeze comes off the river, fighting off the black rock oven furnace around us. End of Hells Canyon. Legs covered in fucking poison ivy, itchy. Joking that it might end my boating career. Maybe not a joke.

6/14/16 – Catching the salmon fly hatch this round and they are all buzzing around like orange torpedo-copters. Love these chaotic ridges that look like waves frozen in motion. Ponderosas, scraggly up in that Idaho night sky.

6/21/16 – Don’t be a balancer, be yourself.