A Winter Weekend Recap

[Becuase some weekends we’re the BBB and some weekends we’re the NHH 🙂 ] – Emerald

BasicBozemanB: Have a good weekend?

NotHardcoreHomie: Oh yeah, it was relaxing and fun. How was yours?

BBB: Sweet, sweet, got into some good shit. So, you went skiing?

NHH: Nope. It’s still so early that I haven’t found much motivation to drive to the mountains. With the low snowpack, I figure waiting a few weeks for better coverage is a good idea, save my knees and skis.

BBB: Oh? Huh. I went. Shredded. It was awesome. So good. I love winter so much. So, so much.

NHH: That’s great! I’m glad to hear it’s getting good up there.

BBB: So, you went ice climbing this weekend then?

NHH: No, no ice climbing.

BBB: Indoor climbing is a good way to cross train I guess.

NHH: Didn’t do that either.

BBB: Oh right, you fish, I always forget that. I saw your instagram photo a few weeks back. Ripped some lips, sick!

NHH: No, I didn’t fish, but I did put up my Christmas tree! It’s my first one in a few years and…

BBB: Was it a human-powered Christmas tree harvest? I heard there’s this new bike-to-harvest movement going on.

NHH: My roommate got the tree, I think she just cut it somewhere near town and put it in her minivan.

BBB: Um, that’s… cool too, I guess.

NHH: I saw a movie this weekend! It was…

BBB: Oh, the Wilderness Film Fest was in town! Yeah, my buddy was an assistant to the sound engineer’s wife on that third featured film, the one about introducing preschoolers to treehouse yoga.

NHH: It was The Hobbit.

BBB: Oh. Were you babysitting or something?

NHH: No, my boyfriend and I went, we wanted to have a mellow Saturday. We went out and saw some music on Thursday, so were tired from that, had a brunch date and read our books most of Friday before the movie. Have you seen any movies lately?

BBB: Oh, nah, all my free time is either in the car or in the mountains, you know? I don’t really have time for entertainment. Or for being tired. There’s too much stoke to life. Have you seen the Cody Townsend big line video going around? I’ve got that on my iphone so I can watch it on the chairlift. Major stoke.

NHH: Right. Hey, now that I think about it, I did get outside. I took a sunset walk up Pete’s Hill. You could see all of Bozeman in this pretty pink glow. It was really beautiful.

BBB: You’re actually talking about Pete’s Hill near the library, right? That’s not a ridge line at Bridger I don’t know? I mean, I know all the ridge lines, but sometimes they have different names and since you don’t know the local names…

NHH: The one in town by the library.

BBB: Well, if you get into anything big, let me know. I’m really trying to take my non-professional weekend warrioring to the next level this winter. Maybe I’ll see you around, or at the launch party of my new rollerblade cross fitness/labrador training blog.

NHH: Yeah, yeah sure, let me know. Take care friend.