The Emerald Lens Has Moved

Hi! Thanks for checking in here at The Emerald Lens. These journals have moved to I hope to hear from you there!

Spring by Southwest

Sometimes it feels like everyone, in juxtaposition to the bluebirds, migrates south this time of year. In a more seasonal time I did that too and now it’s hard to fight the urge… Continue reading

Owl Cabin Alone

So instead I give you the hollow whumps of combusting pine, the smell of chamomile on cold air and the heaviness of lashes on languid lids.

Hank the Cowdog

I grew up in a family where a car ride meant dog breath in your face and there was always a dog under the table begging for scraps or at the back door… Continue reading

The Columbia

It appears to me that the Snake River System is a great opportunity for us all to attempt a bold creative approach that stretches our imagination of what is possible. And so one of the alternatives that need to be developed is predicated on old, new and emerging technologies. It is critical that we move beyond what is into what can be.


I’m watching myself and my friends in this cold, frozen Innermountain West remember that the organism of this country is interconnected. That we can’t isolate ourselves on frozen alpine lakes and mountain cirques because this is big enough to come for what we love too.

1/9/17: Accidental Yurting

Yurt trips are like the river trips of the winter months. Friends, a warm fire, good food, gravity and water – just frozen water, that’s all.

1/2/17: The New Year Observed

Into 2017. How do you arrange your goals and resolutions? Do you have a four goal, drop down tier flow chart system like I do or something, uh, a little more relaxed?

12/27/16: Merry

A visit back to the Palouse in Idaho for the holidays.

12/21/16: Solstice

We feel the wet potential of spring, the manic solaria of summer, the slow shedding of fall, the freeze of winter. Today, we feel those shadows inside ourselves as the north pole tilts away from the sun like a dancer pulling her body back from her own arm.