Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place – Summer Dreaming

Summer is sexy, right? Wrong! Summer is for sunburns, sweaty shorts, sandy hair, popsicle face… and the best awkward yoga opportunites as you travel all over the goddamn beautiful place! Thanks for the submissions!


Boating is an Abusive Relationship

“Blamph!” My head snaps back, my sunglasses crooked on my face. I take a few sharp breaths. — There’s a moment when a boater knows she has botched her line. It’s not as… Continue reading

Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place – May Flowers


A Crap Day of Boating the Grand Canyon

This day was a crap day of boating the Grand Canyon. Not because the canyon was any less majestic than usual, but because I was in a crap mood. I know, I’m not supposed to say that. I’m not saying it was a bad trip overall, or that I wasn’t grateful to be in one of the most remote and extended river canyons in the world…

A Boater’s Hands

Holding an oar into whitewater is like putting your hand on the beating pulse of an animal with claws. Most guides are connected to their rivers straight from their hearts. Our oars in our hands are the bible that translates the river’s beat into something our human brains can comprehend.

Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place – April Adventures

Thanks for all your great photos you lovely awkward yogis! I’ve been on the road, if I somehow missed your submission, please send it over again. April means warmer temps, more skin and… Continue reading

Quick n’ Dirty Reviews: Buying a Shweiner

When you pee standing up, you could easily kick a grizzly bear in the face midstream. When I pee when squatting, CHOMP and I’m a nice tasty griz snack. I’d never even see the bear coming because I’m be so focused on not falling over while simultaneously not wetting my feet.

Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place – Grand Canyon Season

Thanks to Elise Otto and friends for the great poses from a recent Grand Canyon trip!

Dear Social Media, I’m Breaking Up With You…

I work in some of the last, beautiful places that aren’t touched by constant “updates” or “feeds”. We feed our souls out there, not our smartphones. You just wouldn’t understand, I don’t think. This relationship has been just a little too stifling and I need my space.

You Don’t Need a Sprinter Van To Travel the West

This is coming from a woman who, when camping alone, often locks herself in the back of her car because she’s such a weeny about sleeping outside without other people. This is coming from a woman who chronically packs too many clothes. This is coming from a woman who wants room for her boating, fishing, climbing AND ski gear, as well as a red dress for a night out in Flagstaff.