Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place – April Adventures

Thanks for all your great photos you lovely awkward yogis! I’ve been on the road, if I somehow missed your submission, please send it over again. April means warmer temps, more skin and… Continue reading

Quick n’ Dirty Reviews: Buying a Shweiner

When you pee standing up, you could easily kick a grizzly bear in the face midstream. When I pee when squatting, CHOMP and I’m a nice tasty griz snack. I’d never even see the bear coming because I’m be so focused on not falling over while simultaneously not wetting my feet.

Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place – Grand Canyon Season

Thanks to Elise Otto and friends for the great poses from a recent Grand Canyon trip!

Dear Social Media, I’m Breaking Up With You…

I work in some of the last, beautiful places that aren’t touched by constant “updates” or “feeds”. We feed our souls out there, not our smartphones. You just wouldn’t understand, I don’t think. This relationship has been just a little too stifling and I need my space.

You Don’t Need a Sprinter Van To Travel the West

This is coming from a woman who, when camping alone, often locks herself in the back of her car because she’s such a weeny about sleeping outside without other people. This is coming from a woman who chronically packs too many clothes. This is coming from a woman who wants room for her boating, fishing, climbing AND ski gear, as well as a red dress for a night out in Flagstaff.

Confessions of a Reluctant Runner

With my bright “watermelon shoes” and long brown mop of hair, I’ve stopped trying to fit in when running in Japan. I turn up a snowy street, run past a steaming onsen and pass beneath the muddy slopes of the local ski hill.

Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place – Waders & Splitboards

But not together…

Quick n’ Dirty Reviews: Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

A two-strap backpack makes me look like the fourteen year old daughter of a professor trying to find her mom after school. A leather briefcase makes me look like a dickhead who is trying too hard. The Timbuk2 had to be the perfect balance, right?

Ode to a Boathouse

But inevitably we come off the river, out of the forest, up from the desert canyons – and what then? Where do we take showers and stock a refrigerator with Tillamook ice cream?

Awkard Yoga, Pretty Place – SPRING is breaking!

The seasons are changing, the daylight is stretching out into the evenings, and YOU wonderful humans are stretching into a variety of excellent, spring celebrating awkward yoga poses. Happy Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place Wednesday!