Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place – Bluebird Days


The Beauty of Being the Slow One

[Lead photo by Elise Otto] Last week, in honor of my winter roommate leaving and the snow arriving (ha ha, JUST KIDDING, we still don’t have snow in Montana) three women and I… Continue reading

Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place – Texas Trees & Pallets

Janyssa Martini and her husband Cory show some awkward yoga love from the coast our favorite lone star state.   Janyssa was one of the first women I met when I moved to… Continue reading

Awkward Yoga – Dog Assists and Surface Hoar

        Does yoga make you feel like you are going to puke? No, drinking three beers at the brewery before you go to yoga makes you feel like you are… Continue reading

East of Here

He likes spending more time with our friends than he lets on. I need quiet moments alone outside more than I let on. The weather forecast calls for 50˚ and sunshine, so pretending… Continue reading

Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place – High Mountains and Low Tides

Awkward yoga has been practiced for centuries as a means of channeling laughter, drinking one too many beers and having fun with friends in cool places.

All My Friends Are Having… Puppies

After careful creeping of my various coupled-up outdoor friends, I’ve determined the trajectory of an outoorsy relationship is something like this: 1) Meet in a group ski, climb, boat, etc. setting. 2) Laugh… Continue reading

Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place – When the Snow is Poor…

  You know what the conditions are always great for? Awkward yoga in pretty places! Send your best photos to or tag them #awkwardyogapp for a chance for your awkward limbs to… Continue reading

Awkward Yoga, Pretty Place – Dawn Wall Aint Got Sh&$ On This

Ben Johnson, Bill Grasse, Matt Pickren, and Dan Wright shows us how tall, bearded and hairy man-yoga can be darn prettier than Yosemite… PS: Ben Johnson is one of my favorite photographers. He… Continue reading

In Mystic Lake Cabin

I stand on a 2×4 that separates the stomach of the cabin from a porch, 54 planks wide. Behind me, a metal barrel flames with a lodgepole pine. Chunked and quartered, ignited with… Continue reading