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A Week in Bozeman – Autumn

Arrival I’m shivering in the airport. Two weeks of warm, humid Southeastern air has made my skin thin and my sweater not thick enough. C picks me up, wearing her down jacket. “Oh… Continue reading

Someone Else’s Grand

I wake up to a ringĀ of what must’ve been the morning coffee call. The almost full moon (or was it already fading?) that rose last night between the canyon walls has disappeared into… Continue reading


There’s a very serious nine year old boy perched on the front of my yellow boat. In one hand he grips a spinning rod, his other hand clenched onto a blue cam strap.… Continue reading

A Water Education

“Emerald, that was a really moving essay about your dad,” a friend commented after my reading of a piece published in a department literary magazine a few years ago. “But now you have… Continue reading

Red Squares

When I was twelve years old, I went on a Middle Fork of the Salmon river trip with my family and a group of their boating buddies. I built sand castles, splayed out… Continue reading

Ladies Boat

A half yell/half tune erupts from the bow of the eighteen foot raft. “Ohhhh it’s ladies boat! And we hope it floats!” I roll my eyes at the ruckus but it’s hard not… Continue reading


Four of us pile into the SUV in the Days Inn parking lot. A bright orange kayak has been haphazardly strapped to the roof rack, my face is smashed against two crates of… Continue reading

Seeing the River for the Fish, Seeing the River for the Waves

The ground has just begun to stretch awake from winter in Beartrap Canyon of the Madison River. Although free of snow, the trail rings frozen under my boots and the wind stings my… Continue reading

The Female Crying Point

  Often experienced but poorly documented, the female crying point occurs when a particular combination of frustration and exhaustion mix with an outdoor sport and a more experienced partner. Symptoms most often are… Continue reading

Finding Clear Water

I’ve started work as a Wilderness Ranger Intern for the Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation. It’s a mix of trail work, inventorying and visitor contact. Lots of time alone in the woods, lots of… Continue reading